Sunday, 9 March 2014


“The heart has its reasons which reason knows not.” 
-Blaise Pascal

Hey friends,
    Ahhhhh! Long time. You guys must have been expecting a post. So, here I am.
Its a pretty little tag I made a while ago. I love the the texture of the background with shades of blue and green and the glittery look. I used a designer paper as the base and then a layer of black sheet to complete the layout. A little more of adding textures and colours to make it attractive, the bright spots. The vertical stripes have been used as tickets, inked edges.

The numbers on the tag to write a few lines is why I named this post as reasons. A few reasons why I found them perfect together. (For a friend of mine who lately told me her amazing love story). 
I am not much of a writer, this is why I keep the posts short and simple. But i still hope you like it. Please leave your comments below in case you appreciate it. Its a boost. Have a nice week ahead. Would come up with a new post soon. I promise.
Keep visiting.

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