Wednesday, 19 February 2014

An Amorous Episode: a love affair.

 Hello friends,
                  Well, it was a really busy week for me, but hope you enjoyed your valentines day. I always find time to visit a few a crafting blogs even if i am busy. And once i do, its hard for me close it unless i've gone through all the pictures of those perfect cards and tags. I am kind of obsessed with my hobby, crafting. I see a card and all of a sudden thousands of ideas pop up in my mind. I imagine a whole new world where there is just crafting stuff, beautiful cards, embellishments, colorful inks, designer papers, sentiments.
          Though the day is gone, it still is the valentines month, a reason to be crafty. So, here is another love card.
        This is what it looks like. The word 'love' decorated with twinklets diamond dust. The embossed heart is the charm.

 The inside of the card has a pocket to hold a few tags. The card could also be used as a picture frame card with the tags removed and space being used for a photograph.

Let me know if you liked my work. Helps boost me up. You could always leave a comment.
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